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To Singapore’s LGBT Community and Friends

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To Singapore’s LGBT Community and Friends,

Recent events have caused much grief to many of us. Issues surrounding being LGBT are once again cast in the limelight and being discussed in the media. Hateful words have been used, disinformation has been spread as fact, and our leaders' positions do not appear to be evolving. While many of us are understandably hurt, even angered, by some insensitive comments that have been made, and there is fear that justice and equality may not prevail, it is important that we stay rational and keep calm.

There will be little to be gained from responding to vitriol with more vitriol. In the words of Gandhi, “Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.” Let us not devolve into the very image of the angry and intolerant, whose hearts and minds we ought to win over through love and kindness. Misinformation is best countered rationally, with facts.

At times like this, it is especially difficult for those of us who are not yet ‘out’ and feel like we are living with stigma on our own. The issue may be debated among our peers – at the workplace, in school or in National Service – or even with family members at home. It may be placing undue pressure on those of us who fear being ‘outed’ if we simply took a stand.

Remember, you are not alone. There is a strong community of people – straight and LGBT – who understand what you are going through. It is important that we lend support to one another at this difficult time. While the resources are few, they are available, thanks to the efforts of our own community. You can find links to some of them below.

Let us also keep reminding ourselves that the two constitutional challenges on Section 377a of the Penal Code are ultimately judicial processes. They are set to be heard in the Courts in a few weeks. We should allow Justice to run its course and respect the sanctity of the Judiciary. We urge the community to stay calm and await the court's decision. May justice prevail.

Meanwhile let us continue to reach out in our own personal capacities to those around us, to demonstrate and affirm that who we love should not make us less equal as sons and daughters of Singapore. And when opportunities arise for us to come together, let us be sure to stand up and be counted.


Some useful links for those in need of support:

§ Oogachaga’s CARE Counselling Service for LGBT people

§ SAFE Singapore: Support for family and friends of LGBT people

§ Young Out Here: LGBT Youth Support

§ Sayoni’s resources for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women

§ Pelangi Pride Centre: Singapore’s LGBT community and resource centre

§ Pink Dot SG website & YouTube channel


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# paulakey 2013-05-10 21:31
I am reading this from Canada and my heart is sad. Although homophobia exists here, we have managed to become the first North American country to legalize same sex marriage. My partner and I were married about three years ago having waited twelve years. Be strong, be patient, acknowledging that more and more countries are legalizing marriage equality for all. In each country's debate the ugly head of homophobia rises and it is, unfortunately, prevalent in religions. Sadly, these religions claim to have love and tolerance as their foundations. The problem with most religions is two fold: believers must believe antiquated laws, and secondly, their belief is based on the laws being "God given" which means they cannot change. Ironically, the One Hundred or so, Old Testament Laws of Leviticus (Torah in Judaism) have been mostly abandoned except for the homosexual 'abomination.,"
To gain freedom of equality for all, it is to the law of the land that we must turn.

Look back and take solace. Just ten years ago, Ellen Degeneres "came out," and lost job contracts. A Christian minister, Pat Robertson, called her Ellen "Degenerate." Now, she is loved world wide and with her wife, Portia, is the greatest of "Gay Ambassadors" to the world. In keeping with the spirit of this article, Ellen is never hateful. She loves everyone and it is this love is opening what was once 'closed doors.'

Singapore Sisters, don't lose heart. This is a website with an positive message and a great impact. I am doing my best by making my site:, a home for all lesbians and non-homophobia straight women.
We have many supporters and the numbers are growing. Soon Britain and Ireland will recognize same sex marriage, thereby recognizing our cause. With much love - we are one -
paula key (with the snow gone) in Canada

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