The Camp Experience

Here are what some of our happy campers have said about the previous Sayoni Camps!


Sayoni Summer Camp 2009 | Sayoni Summer Camp 2010


"Thank you for everyone at the camp who made it remotely possible and wicked fun and NOT forgetting educational! What else but AWESOME!!!"


"I did take something away from the camp. Something positive, chief among which is AWARENESS. Of the community, of the commitment of those who work so hard to make life and/or transition a little easier, of the quality of leadership and the quality of the people who are a part of our lives whether wittingly or unwittingly – TOP NOTCH, OUTSTANDING WOMEN. I have never before in my life, been surrounded by so many wonderful women, on an island no less. Thank you for that experience."


"I personally had a blast and am honoured to be in your midst!"


"As quickly as ‘team’ surfaced from the diversity, the spirit of ‘family’ soon emerged by the 2nd day of the camp. You could say we played our way into each other’s hearts. Water polo matches, meal times, BBQ dinner, late-night symposiums and even on the ferry back, these were all dear moments of playful fun, hearty laughter, good conversations, and explicit sharings. We found ourselves to be different yet so similar in our struggles, challenges, discrimination, hopes and dreams."
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"WOW - WHAT a wild ride!! The camp ROCKED - the organizers ROCKED, my roommate ROCKED, the facilitators ROCKED and everyone who went positively ROCKED!!!!!! SO glad I went!!! THANK YOU all!!!"


"Best thing abt ssc09 is of course the most incredible organizers I've met! And i did learnt more abt myself and those around me. I also loved the sharing sessions because that would definitely help others if not yourself too. I am happy that I am better equipped with knowledge and friends who CAN be really open abt their experiences."

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