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Understanding the Harassment Act for LBTQ Persons Saturday 21 April 2018 Talks and Workshops

event 20180421 poha

As part of our three-part CEDAW series on the rights of all women, Sayoni presents a talk on "Understanding the Harassment Act for LBTQ Persons".

Being harassed is a common occurrence faced by LBTQ persons living in Singapore. Since the enactment of the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) in 2014, many questions have been raised on how LBTQ persons can use it. Is it effective?

Join us in our event to discuss POHA's protection against harassment.
What are the different forms of harassment?
What do you do when you are harassed or witness other LBTQ persons being harassed?
What are your concerns about retaliation?
How do we protect ourselves? And most importantly of all, what are our rights?

RSVP (to [email protected]) or message us on Facebook for entry. Limited seating.

Recommended donation: $10

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