Adelyn TAN

Adelyn TAN


I’m still just a kid, in more ways than one, and this is just a simple story.

I went for my first Pink Dot this year. Before Pink Dot ’13, I was planning to come out to my parents much, much later. Looking back, I’m not sure exactly why, but I know that after 29 June 2013, I felt something click. Two days later on the start of Sem 2 in schools, I came out to both my parents by text. And to my surprise, they took it quite well.

It was a big milestone, because before then, I was out to pretty much everyone I knew- except the two people closest to me. And that day, to finally be out and not have to hide, with the support and backing of many people by my side, was the day when I finally felt really free.

I have come out to different people in numerous ways- from poetry to Twitter messages to simple face-to-face talks, but nothing has meant more than those two simple texts on 1 July 2013.

Things have still been emotionally trying- dealing with misconceptions and ignorance from home, amongst other things- but I believe I made the right choice. Because for me, I no longer need to skulk in the shadows and wonder if the bridge to acceptance and understanding here at home will collapse under my feet when I begin my journey, but I finally know it may be shaky and the journey may be long, but I can walk it with a lot less fear than before.

// Adelyn (RG Year 3)