COuCH stands for Come Out Come Home, a community initiative by Sayoni.

Come Out, Come Home is a movement to encourage and support LGBTQ persons and allies to Come Out or be (more) out. In particular, we hope to reach LGBTQ persons who are or are trying to be ready to Come Out.

This movement is inspired by studies which have shown that there are many positive effects when LGBTQ persons Come Out. Come Out, Come Home is also about celebrating the people – families, friends, and/or peers – who love, accept and support LGBTQ people; and thus encourage LGBTQ people to be out.

COuCH aims to empower and provide visibility to the LGBTQ community and our allies. This helps the world understand that LGBTQ people are part of and play many different roles in society.

The climax of this movement will be on International Coming Out Day – 11 October 2013. We have a surprise in store for you, so watch this space!


The COuCH team would like to thank the following for their kind and generous contributions to making this project possible.

Photographer – Tan Ngiap Heng and kyt
Writer – Jasmine Seah


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