To empower queer women towards greater involvement and presence in the community
Advocacy for LBTQ women's rights at CEDAW
Sayoni was at the United Nations in Geneva in October 2017 to bring Singapore LBTQ women's issues to the forefront. The CEDAW Committee heard our concerns and raised recommendations related to LBTQ women in their Concluding Observations for the Singapore government.
Sayoni is a Singapore-based feminist, volunteer-run organisation that works to uphold human rights protections for queer women, including lesbian, bisexual and transgender women. We organise and advocate for equality in well-being and dignity regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and sex characteristics.

We believe that everyone has a part to play in improving the lives of LBTQ people. Donate or volunteer with us.

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Since I'm on the topic, I do wonder where Singapore gay theatre is going. The representation that stands out from 2010 is The Necessary Stage's ____ Can Change, which really pushed the envelope in the opposite direction to say that gay people can choose to change. Whether the audience received the message as such depended on the individual, and was the most interesting aspect of the show, in my opinion. The trend of "gay plays" seems to have faded for time being, as if LGBT theatre with its decades-long history has made peace with itself and is trying to assimilate into Singapore’s cultural politics.

Or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

To give the fellow some credit, he got on my nerves because he came across as the type of guy who would stand on the side of civil unions and let us be, so the remark came across as particularly insensitive. But I didn't out myself either, and never had the opportunity to engage him again.

Would have made for a good conversation if I had.




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