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Lesbian ebooks with A Difference by Paula Key

Lesbian ebooks with A Difference by Paula Key

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Hello lesbians:Just a thank you to those of you who have boosted my site to over 44,000 in just a year. I know by the locations from my webpage that you are from all over the country. Yes, ‘we are everywhere!
’I have two ebooks that might interest lesbians:

JO OF THE OUTBACK (set in Australia) –love story of white stockwoman and an aboriginal woman. Travel the Outback with its spectacular wild life and eternal blue skies. Look at life from different pairs of eyes.

LT. DEE: ARMY NURSE: Vietnam. Set in the year 1968, twenty-two year old Dee is thrown into a war zone. It took me almost two years to research the war and the lives of nurses. In the midst of horror, Dee meets Air Force Captain, Skip who flies into hospital bases on evacuation missions. The two lesbian lovers pursue a romance in the face of instant and dishonorable discharge.

You can get my ebooks at:
USA & Canada: Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble
U.K Barnes & Nobles Nook
The ebooks are on Amazon, (Apple ebooks 51 countries) , FLIPKART (India)
New Zealand: Paper Plus.
Netherlands: Libris
Brazil: Livraria Cultura in Brazil,
France: & Portugal FNAC
Most countries: Kobo and Apple ebooks

There was a young woman from Reeling
Who claimed to lack sexual feeling
Til a dyke named Delores
Simply touched her clitoris
And she had to be scraped from the ceiling!

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