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Site Navigation

How do I get around?

The links under the Sayoni banner should get you to any section you wish to view. The sidebars to the left and right of the main page contain our latest updates and highlights.

You can also use the “Search” box on the top right to find what you want.



Homepage - For all the latest and most important announcements

Articles - Discover fun perspectives on other queer women’s lives and lesbian-related entertainment from our contributors and reviews (previously known as the Sayoni Blog)

Forum - Connect with other women

Events - Latest scoop on what people are doing

Resources - a collection of LGBTQ information for the questioning, the curious, and everyone else

Classifieds - For your buying and selling needs

About Us - More about Sayoni

Other pages include those for Sayoni’s activities and initiatives like the Queer Women Survey and the Sayoni Summer Camp.



User Accounts

I am an existing forum user. How do I log in?

You can now get to the forum using the link from the main page.

If you were a member of the Sayoni Forum before Feb 13th 2010, please log in with your username and password. They remain unchanged for your convenience.

Some users who previously had spaces or odd characters in their username might have trouble logging in. If this is the case, contact us at admin[at]sayoni[dot]com to get your username changed.

I am a new user. How do I sign up? 

To sign up for a new account, click the sign-up link on the forum page. Fill in and submit your details. You will need to activate your account with the email address provided, so please provide a valid email address. You will be able to sign in with the nickname you have chosen after you have validated your email address.

Please note that logging in is required to read or post on the forums, have a profile, post an event or a classified ad. You do not have to log in to read the articles and access the subpages on the site.


I can't register!

This usually happens when your registration fails to pass our stringent spambot-checkers. Try again with a different email address, or from a different computer/location. Sometimes it is possible legitimate users have been blacklisted as spambots. We apologise for the inconvenience! If nothing works, you can always contact us with your details and we'll register you manually.




What is the events page?

The events page is a feature that allows members to post about the events they are organising and to find out about the latest happenings in Sayoni.

Clicking on the “Events” link below the banner will take you to the Events page.


How do I tell people about my event?
You can submit a new event to the calendar by clicking on the little red and white icon near the top right-hand corner or clicking "submit an event" under the Event drop-down menu. (Please note that this service is only applicable for non-commercial events.)

Before you submit an event, you have to add a venue using the "submit a venue" button and specify the date on which it will take place.

To edit your event after you have added it, click on the icon below the heading “Events”.


I created an event by mistake! What do I do?

Please contact an administrator (admin[at]sayoni[dot]com) as users are not able to delete created events.



Personal Profile

How do I change the way my Profile looks?

Your personal profile can be accessed through “Options” on the top menu, which has several links for users to manage their personal information.

To set up your personal profile, select “Profile” in the drop-down menu. You will be able to edit your profile and display picture, as well as add all the extra information you want people to know, like your social networking pages, blog address, location, etc.



Communications and Private Messaging

What is “Connections”? How do I use it?

Connections is a social networking tool that allows you to keep track of the people you know on the site.

While navigating the site, you can add other users as connections. Go to their Profile page by clicking their userpic or nickname, select the “Connections” button, and then “Request Connection”. Once the other party approves the request, you are connected. You will also be able to define how you are connected to her.

Clicking on “Connections”, then “Manage Your Connections” will allow you to further define how you are connected to the other party.


How do I send private messages to other users?

You can go to the private messaging page using “Options” and “Message Box”. You can only send messages to other registered users who have approved the connection between the two of you, and to site administrators and moderators.



Sayoni Forum

How do I post on the forums?

To reply to an existing topic, you can use the quick reply box at the bottom of the page. We recommend clicking "preview" before submitting to check that all code appears correctly. You can also click "reply" below any user's post on the same page. That will take you to a page that allows you to use nifty forum tricks such as adding smileys and quoting other users.

To create a new topic, first enter the subforum you want to post to. Click the button that says "New Topic" and you will be able to write your post.


How do I embed a video in my post?

Click on the "reply" button. You will be taken to a new page. Click on the icon that looks like a film strip. Rows of buttons will appear, and you can select the site that is the source of your video. If you look at the URL of your website, you will see a row of letters or numbers that represent the ID of the video. Just replace the part which says "Video_id##" with the ID of your website to embed the video.

For example, if my link is "", I would replace "Video_id##" with "123456abc".


How do I view new posts?

Clicking on "Topic View" in the forum page will show a list of topics, with the newest topics listed at the top.



General Questions

Who is this portal for?

As stated in our mission statement, Sayoni is a platform for lesbian, bisexual and transsexual Asian women.


Does Sayoni welcome transgendered persons?

We welcome all persons who identify as female, provided that you are attracted to women. At the same time, we acknowledge that Sayoni may not be equipped with the knowledge to communicate about transgender issues, and we seek your kind understanding and feedback.




Have something to tell us?

Use the "Contact Us" form located under the "About Us" drop-down menu.


I love Sayoni, how do I tell the world?

Well, for starters, you can leave us a testimonial (About Us > Testimonials). You can also invite your friends to join you here, using Options > Invite Your Friends.



Browser Compatibility

Can I use this site on any browser?

The site is compatible with most popular browsers - Firefox, IE and Safari. It also renders fine on most mobile phones. However, users have reported issues with Google Chrome, so we recommend you use other browsers to log in and register on the site.


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